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How to add content to the Addon Portal

If you want to add content that's not already on the portal it's very simple to do. Please always add the repository details wherever possible but we do understand standalone zips of modified addons are becoming increasingly popular these days (especially via social media sites) so we've made it possible for your to easily add details via the web form of any new content you find. Please use the web form here.

Total Add-ons: 6419 (1212 depreciated)
Total Repositories: 898 (170 depreciated)

That's a whopping 7307 items indexed in our library, making noobsandnerds Add-on Portal
the most comprehensive library of Kodi content anywhere in the world!


A huge thanks goes out to all the developers who create these addons and also to all the community members who take the time to update the status of addons and create video guides. This portal is designed to be a complete library of every addon created for XBMC/Kodi, there are no download links it's designed for cataloguing the work of all the great developers who have spent their free time creating these for the community. Please update the information on each addon when you find a bug or if something is broken/deleted as this information is used in the Community Portal add-on.