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[Forum Help] Posting Images with the TinyPic Addon
Here is how it works, this will also work in PM's too..

You don't have to be a member on Tinypic, but if you are, your pictures will stay longer and not be deleted after a certain time.

[Image: jq5gjm.jpg]

[Image: a2z0qs.jpg]

[Image: 2rgm2qq.jpg]

[Image: fjq4ae.jpg]

[Image: dd273o.jpg]

[Image: 1qqvj5.jpg]

[Image: 9rktg8.jpg]
[Image: sig.php?alias=default&kk=3cbf5f42e5a310b...6e0a6f652a]
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This is going to be very useful Les and a nice addition
[Image: gandelfsig_zpsl1ahhp8v.png]
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