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VPN for kodi
do I need one? If so, which one do you use?
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No you don't need to have a VPN - just some people think they need to.
You only need a VPN of you are trying to hide your IP address for some reason.
Some VPN providers record all the details of sites you visit and some don't, and if you were ever under investigation for any reason then they would need to provide your records.
If you only need a VPN to get around geo-blocking of sites you visit then thats a different matter and there are some very good Smart DNS providers out there who can do that.
The most efficient way to install and run a VPN is probably from your router, if your ISP provider allows you access, or you can piggyback another router which is perhaps DDWRT flashed and connect all your devices in the first instance through that flashed router.
People seem to experience varying degrees of success with VPN's which in some cases throttle or slow down your broadband speed whilst a change of DNS address ha little if any effect.
Personally I don't use a VPN, I sometimes have need of a Smart DNS to get around geo-blocking when watching TV from outside the country of transmission which may be restricted due to broadcasting rights.
At various times I have subscribed to 14 different VPN/Smart DNS providers and find the best of the bunch has been Overplay.
I have no time for the free providers. Others will have their opinion based on experience and usage.
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If you are using any kind of p2p addons like quasar, you should really have a VPN. If you are just streaming videos from locker sites, it isn't necessary, but It never hurts to be too cautious.
Read this:
Good free one called Turbo VPN.

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