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Volume normalization
Hello to all N&Ns and Merry Christmas.

Here's a request that produced no results on the board's search function.
So I'm guessing it's a first.

My set up: Rpi2 using Jarvis>confluence skin, HDMI out to Onkyo surround amp.
I'm streaming movies mostly in stereo and the volume on the movies are not normalized.
It's frustrating to turn the volume up to hear dialogue and down during action scenes.

Does a method exist to normalize the volume (in the skin?) through the whole movie play back?

Thanks for any helpful insight from Canuckland.
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With the movie streaming hit enter to bring up the control bar at the bottom of the screen. Look for the speaker or similar(depends on version and OS in use) to the far right and hit on it. You will then see the options to adjust volume levels and also a button to use these settings as default across your setup.
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Thanks bromerzz.

I played with that feature before and must have missed something to get normalization for all streams.
I'll run through it again.
If you still have problems double check your AMP settings, I have a Denon AV receiver and when streaming through Kodi I often have to alter the settings to a different preset. It seems different streams require different presets; multi-channel stereo, direct, virtual, DTS etc. If I go through them all at least one of them will work ok but it may be screwed up for the next stream.

I'd imagine there's probably some advanced audio settings I need to alter in Kodi but as I never seem to have any one device plugged into the same TV/amp for more than a couple of days it's not something I ever really spent much time on trying to fix I'm afraid. Please let me know if you do find a solution though, I'd be interested to know what the best option is Smile
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Thanks for joining in Lee.

I followed bromerzz suggestion and seems to be working OK so far.
I keep my addons to a minimum which is a benefit at this end.
The real test will be streaming a surround source but the prob here was mostly with stereo sources.

As far as the Onkyo amp, I've left it at default settings for sound output.
Like you say, I also have to do some experimenting with amp output settings.
I will check in Kodi settings to see if they're in compliance with amp settings.

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