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Analog Audio Out From Android TV Box
I have a Android TV box (Henscoqi M9X M3) that I want to get analog audio out - is that possible?  I thought the port labeled AV was analog audio out, but I misread the box's description - I think I saw what I wanted not what it was telling me.

I use the HDMI out to my entertainment system and it works fine, but I need an analog audio (I think) of that signal in addition to drive the second zone off the stereo.  The stereo needs an analog input for the additional zone feature.

I suspect that with the HDMI active the AV output might be disabled, not sure.  Does anyone know if the AV port is active while HDMI is active?  I also don't know what kind of cable is compatible with the AV port and if I can connect that to my stereo's RCA plugs.

Alternatively, is there a device that I can insert in the HDMI path which allows tapping off audio to produce analog audio out I need while passing the HDMI with both audio & video?

Any ideas from those who know more about this than I do?

Looks like the AV port on that requires the generic 3.5mm jack to RCA lead, however I'm not sure it's going to be any use to you.

I have a feeling you can only use the analog OR HDMI, don't think you can use a combo of the two. I could well be wrong as I'm only going on results from testing I've done on much older (similar) devices. I would be surprised if you can use a combination of the two though, hardware wise I'm fairly sure the components are separate entities and are not inter-linked in any way, or at least that's how it used to be - you'd have one or the other enabled.

Maybe you could use something like this? No idea if it would work, never used anything like that so I can't give any advice I'm afraid - just something I quickly googled and was the first result that came up which looked like it could potentially work.
Thanks whufciee for the quick reply.

I will look for other devices like what you suggested but also pass through the original HDMI - that looks like my best option.
Thanks again.
No problem, please update us on how you get on.

The guys at the official kodi.tv forum may be able to help but (as daft as it sounds) you might get some really good advice on the xbmc4xbox.org.uk forum. It's not overly active these days but the guys who still use it are very clued up on things like this and are very friendly, I reckon the user xman would probably be able to advise on what the best solution would be. Just be sure to explain what device you have as the forum is for xbmc4xbox but they do have an "off topic" section.

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