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X Link kai
yea i noticed im using 5.1 and the newest is 5.2 now. i also noticed what you said no1 is online now which is weird as there was usually at least a few on the halo games.

Forgot to ask what os you were on, forgot it works well with xp but wasent sure with 7 or 8
Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
[Image: 8xkdpz.jpg]
I will try to get this on my xp i was testing it on windows 8 but i no there is someone online playing halo like all the time
xlink is the same - apart from the computer you are running is best to have it hardwired in to your network and the same for the xbox.

go to your pc > xlink > find the arena section (Little world at the top of xlink) > select console (xbox) > select game.

Go to xbox > start the same game you selected on xlink > lan game > servers should show up.


Thing that I've found with xlink is, people only seem to play halo 2 and all the servers that are there are all private so you cant join.

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